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Employees will do their best work with holistic workplace wellness training.

“I am in the process of working with Katina. She is great! If you’re looking for a wellness coach, I recommend coach Katina.” -Moreale Brown

Build better relationships
Increase on the job engagement
Motivate employees

Are you aware that your employees are saying these things to themselves?

I’m tired of working fifty plus hours a week and not getting any appreciation.

It doesn’t matter how hard I work, nothing changes.

My boss loves to humiliate me in front of others.

I’m tired of taking on the workload of others.

I don’t feel safe working here because I’m not sure what management may do.

I feel stuck in this job and I don’t know what to do.

Your employees deserve to work in a place that prioritizes their well-being. In the holistic wellness program, we will provide you with strategies so employees don’t have to get work done at the cost of their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Showing up to make an impact

When you build a culture where everyone can thrive, your employees will take better care of your customer. And when your customers are well-taken care of, your profit will sky-rocket.


Employees will be productive and engaged.
Employee morale will improve.
Employees will experience excellent work/life harmony.
Employers will experience a reduction in healthcare costs.
Employees will wake up and can’t wait to come to work.
Your customer service ratings will go through the roof resulting in more sales.

My book is here!

Many people are leaving the workforce because they are experiencing stress and burnout in the workplace. It’s taking a major toll on their physical health, mental wellness, and even family life. In my book, Sick Workplaces: What Employers Are Missing When It Comes to Workplace Wellness, I talk about how the workplace affected me in all those categories.

There is something that needs to be done that goes beyond Employee Assistance Programs. I also address what’s happening in the workplace today, leadership challenges, mental health concerns, and solutions for employee well-being.

Everyone should feel good at work!

Happy reading!

Your well-being matters

I understand how it feels to work long hours and get the job done while sacrificing my health and well-being. With over 20 years of experience evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and business operations and working in the health and wellness space, we provide holistic workplace wellness training and consulting to companies. We help them reduce their costs and improve employee well-being, so everyone feels good at work!

Katina Smith, MBA, CFNC, CMC

Katina Smith Happiness in Your

My Happy Clients

Before working with Katina, I sought ways to improve our operations and create a better working environment. I did not know where to begin and what should be included to ensure we had effective and efficient processes and systems in place. Katina is an expert in her field, and she was able to come in and immediately see what we needed and how to address each area. After working with Katina, we felt more confident showing potential candidates why our company was a great place to work. Now our business runs smoothly, and employees are even happier when they come to work. I also learned that as the owner and office manager, I do not have to spend my day putting out fires and I am better utilizing my time growing the business because I empower my employees in their roles. Now, we are empowered and can use the tools and new skills Katina provided to us. I highly recommend Katina if you want to improve your workplace and create an environment where employees love to come to every day and customers are satisfied.
Melissa K.
Massage and Wellness Company
I am grateful for the wonderful insight and knowledge that Katina shared with me about the importance of what makes me happy. She helped me to identify and set the goals that I wanted to achieve. Also, she provided me with options and strategies to achieve my goals. She really helped me see what I wanted in my life. I feel like a different person. I no longer smoke cigarettes, I am improving my finances and saving money, and I spend more time being creative with one of my passions, which is art and writing. If you are looking for happiness in your life, I highly recommend Katina to help you reach your goals.
Sharon S.
Before I started working with Katina, I was battling bouts of depression. I had no direction or desires for my life. I was hopeful that things in my life would get better with time, but I struggled with finding motivation to do better. After working with Katina, I continued to be hopeful and now I am more confident about my future. I feel that I have the tools now to help me when I lose focus on my purpose. The timing of this life coaching program was a God send. I was fortunate to have access to this program when I desperately needed it the most. The exercises helped me locate exactly where I was with my emotions, my perception of myself, and I obtained a better understanding of what balance really is.
Candace J.
The coaching with “Happiness In You” was amazing. I was having a difficult time balancing life and as a business owner it has really been difficult trying to juggle it all. Katina showed me strategies to help me get everyday tasks done. She also helped me understand my level of happiness and how to focus on the areas in my life that I need to pay attention to that affect my happiness especially when I become overwhelmed. She showed me the importance of taking care of my needs and how to practice self-care daily. Katina was great to work with because she took the time to listen to my concerns and was always encouraging. She even went into detail about how certain decisions and actions were affecting my energy level. I am now working on making better food choices and eating much healthier which is giving me energy.
Melissa B.

Employee Services


Learn how food provides energy and important nutrients needed for optimal health from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Additionally, employees will learn what foods to avoid, and what foods are great for mental health support including mental clarity and focus.


Understand the benefits of exercise, how to incorporate it into daily life, and quick exercise routines for those busy days. Special exercise events, challenges, and classes will also be offered.


Employees will receive resources and training on how mindset affects their everyday life. Specifically, they will have a better understanding of achieving professional and personal goals, improve decision making and become more aware of outside influences.

Stress Management

Learn life coping skills to help manage stress, from deep breathing, relaxation techniques, communicating more effectively, how to create work/life harmony, and more.

Relationship Building

Learn how to build and improve relationships and better manage emotions.

Sleep Management

Understand the importance of sleep, how a lack of sleep affects the body and energy levels, and methods for getting better quality sleep.

Happiness Coaching

Receive a complete happiness assessment to understand your level of happiness and how to maintain it using a model based on over 30 years of research.

Leadership Workplace Wellness Training

Leadership coaching and training are offered to teach leaders how to improve their workplace and care for themselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally so that they can better support their employees and feel energized and confident.

Get excited about coming to work again

Here’s how it works:

Schedule an appointment

We'll do an assessment together to see what's needed to help your employees achieve their wellness goals.

We create a customized plan together

Once the assessment is done, we'll create a customized plan so they can track their progress along the way.

Execute the plan

This is where we're making sure your employees are getting things done. We'll be here to keep them motivated and celebrate their victories.

Enjoy a happier workplace

With all this winning the work environment will be a healthier and happier place to be. Here's to having fun and increased revenue!

Take care of your employees, and they will take care of business

Don’t worry, your employees will be supported. Here’s how:

Employees will have the opportunity to share their concerns freely and with confidence.

We will tailor the program to fit the employee's individual needs. The tools and resources provided have been proven to work when applied.

Management will support the program and allow employees time to participate during the week.

Employees will feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically. They'll start showing up with a winning attitude.

We will work with your employees until they feel happy about coming to work and are achieving harmony in their lives.

Do you want to improve your workplace?

Grab this Six-Step Workplace Wellness Checklist and Solutions guide that lays out the actions you can take today to address common workplace challenges.
Six-Step Workplace Wellness Checklist and Solutions Guide


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Manage stress and avoid burnout

Increase on the job engagement

Be motivated to come to work

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