The Importance of Setting and Achieving Goals

Where are you going?

I often meet people who say to me that they want to make a change in their life. It may be related to their career, relationships, or personal development. When I have a conversation with the same people a year later, nothing has changed. No judgement.

I can relate to this myself. I have often evaluated various situations in my life where I set out to accomplish a goal and took action to achieve the desired result. I have also evaluated when I wanted to make a change, but never took any sort of action and a year later I found myself repeating, “I want  a change.”

After careful evaluation, I found that when I achieved my goals, I set specific plans and steps so that I could move toward the desired result. When I did not a achieve a goal, I never wrote it down. Instead it lingered in my thoughts. If you want change and to achieve something great in life, it is very critical that you take the time to set goals and write them down. Otherwise, we become stagnant and find that so much time has passed by. It can be scary, especially when we set out to accomplish a major goal but taking that first step forward is a major turning point.

Katina Smith

Katina Smith

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